​'t doesn't have to be permanent; we can put the car back to stock at any time!!!

When fuel injection and Engine Control Units (ECU) replaced carburetors and governors on diesel engines, tuning vehicles became more complicated. Instead of the toolbox, computers and software are now needed to tell the ECU what to adjust.

For optimum power, performance and fuel economy from your vehicle, ProTune :

- upload the stock map from your vehicle, usually from the diagnostics port;

- make a copy of the stock map;

- custom adjust a variety of functions;

- enhance fuelling, drive-by-wire throttle response, turbo, engine load,and torque to name a few;

- upload your custom remap software onto a micro-chip within your ECU;

-archive your original stock map and the new remap version
You then test drive your vehicle, to feel the benefits

What You Get From A ProTune Custom ECU Remap
ProTune can custom adjust a variety of functions including fuelling, drive-by-wire throttle response, turbo, engine load, torque & more. The following is general guide of what to expect from your remap;

- Up to 20% more fuel economy
- Up to 35% more power
- Up to 40% more torque

Diesel  and Petrol Engines
Diesel vehicle remapping provides some of the greatest benefits, with best power, torque and fuel economy gains. Whilst petrol remapping also sees keen improvements with the largest increases found on turbocharged engines.

Turbo Charged Diesel Engines
These engines are capable of the most impressive gains, with up to 40% or more power and torque. This gain depends on vehicle and engine type, with torque always being very impressive on these engines once optimised. Power will be available though at a much wider band than before, providing a smoother, driving experience. Overtaking is vastly improved and fuel economy can be improved due to the engine's ability to 'pull' in higher gears. This is very useful for vans, commercial vehicles, towing, 4x4s and MPVs.

Turbo Charged Petrol Engines
Up to 35% power and torque gains are achievable on these engines, depending on vehicle and engine type. The vehicle will feel more responsive and eager with the power arriving earlier, staying right through the mid-range and not tailing off. Overtaking ability is greatly improved!

Non-Turbo Engines
Non-Turbo engines can obtain up to 10-15% more power and torque, depending on vehicle and engine type. Additionally, it is possible to eliminate drivability issues such as poor throttle response, flat spots (hesitation) and generally improve the torque or 'pull' at lower levels, making the vehicle much nicer to drive.

'I oticed the difference straight away and can't believe the price as the other quotes I got were £300 more than this; BRILLIANT'​

Abercarn Newport NP11 UK


 ​Dragon Tuning

​The Re-Map takes roughly 1-2 Hours depending on vehicle..

​For results specific to your vehicle, please visit ​​www.protune-ecu-remapping.co.uk

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'I drove up from Cornwall to Preston, and decided whilst up, to have my BMW X5 remapped on advice from my brother in-law who had his VW Touareg remapped by Johnny at ProTune. The power and driveability improvements are fantastic, but the economy is unbelievable. On the long steady run up, I was getting approx 25MPG; on the same run back at similar speeds, I was averaging 36MPG. I still can't believe it!'